Natural products and services for Mothers & Babies

Welcome to NaturallyBirthing with Wendy D.

I have put this together so I can share some of the helpful items I have discovered on my journey through motherhood.   It is my hope to bring these natural products and services to others at prices that are affordable. 

I have 3 children (pictured with me and 2 cousins) and have learned a thing or two along the way. 

With my first pregnancy I was scared out of my wits when I went in for my 6 month prenatal and found out that the office staff as well as my care-provider had no clue who I was nor that I was pregnant.  I had seen these people for the 5 months prior, all for prenatal visits.  This was very concerning.   I left that day feeling like if I went into labor and went to the hospital they would wheel me into the OR and I would come out without a leg or arm and still be pregnant!  Through talking to friends about my concerns 1 had said "you can not have a natural birth unless you take Bradley® Classes".  This is how we found out about The Bradley Method®.

Then came the birth of my second child.  Total opposite personality of my first.  Very laid back and really did not seem like he/she cared if I was around.  This baby had acid reflux.  We were unable to use over the counter pharmaceuticals to help relieve teething pain, they would irritate our babies stomach.  We had to use homeopathic remedies.  We would spend $30-$60+ a month on teething remedies.  While they all worked it was pricey!  

When our third child came along I was determined to find a natural remedy for teething that was economical.  I came across Amber teething necklaces.  After finding out how well the necklace worked for us I could not resist helping more families learn about amber teething necklaces as well as making it more affordable.

All the while I had concerns of postpartum depression looming through my mind.  I had suffered from this after my first pregnancy and was undiagnosed.  I did not want to experience it again.   I had heard that placenta consumption could help remedy depression but did not understand how or really think it sounded that appetizing.  Then I found out about the PBi network.  It is an organization with the goal of having placenta encapsulation become the normal route of treating postpartum depression.  I thought this definitely made placentophagia more palatable and now hope to help other women feel comfortable with consuming there own placentas after there baby has been born.

And the latest passion, a breastfeeding support group for moms that want company when venturing out for the first time.  Also known as First Time Out.  This is still in the infant stages but seems to be helping some moms with getting out and nursing in public.  The easier it is for a mom to feed her baby while out the more likely she will nurse baby for the minimum of 1 year that is recommended by the AMA.  This is a project that is evolving and growing, I am so excited to see where it goes.  

This is my motivation, I hope it inspires you. 

Good luck on your journey through parenthood.