First Time Out

Many moms are nervous about breastfeeding in public. It is so much easier to do when you have a group of women to do it with. It is my hope that through this group more moms will have there first time out nursing with less stress. I am hopeful that we can help to make breastfeeding in public the norm.   Regardless of if it is your first time out nursing with this baby, your first time out with us, your first time nursing in public we would love to see you. 

  • come and share your funny and interesting stories
  • offer helpful advice and tips you have come across
  • ask questions about breastfeeding of moms that are doing it
  • sit and chit chat, make new friends
  • hang out and visit for a while
  • support women breastfeeding and feeling comfortable doing so

Check back often for updates about upcoming get togethers.  Cards with the Arizona statutes protecting breastfeeding in public are provided to all attendees.  I look forward to seeing you there!

We get together the first Wednesday of each month at a variety of locations.

Will schedule as needed.